About Neil Godin

Neil Godin (a.k.a The Turnaround Guy) is a native of Vancouver, Canada, and is president of Neil Godin International Inc. A former business journalist, he is one of North America's leading business speakers, trainers and writers. As a conference speaker and seminar leader, he has addressed more than 300,000 people from coast to coast. As a trainer and speaker he has worked with many Fortune 500-level companies—including Ford, Shell, KPMG, Dun & Bradstreet, ReMax, Primerica, Intrawest/Intracorp, Best Western, McDonalds and Subway Restaurants, RBC/The Royal Bank, Telus, and many others. As a trainer, Neil is responsible for a number of well known innovations, including programs such as “Relationship Banking,” originally developed for The Royal Bank, and now adopted by financial institutions around the world.

Neil is author of “Selling in the (Comfort) Zone” and is publisher of “The Business Builders Tool Kit,” and the “Marketing Dangerously” idea-a-day email service.

Turnaround specialist

While most of his clients are healthy, growing companies, Neil also does highly specialized turnaround work with small and mid-size companies in crisis. These turnaround projects are his testing ground for the innovative, exciting, fast-acting and inexpensive ideas he delivers in his writing, speaking, training and consulting work. His turnaround work has made Neil a “walking encyclopedia” of business building strategies that don’t rely on expensive advertising or old fashioned, intrusive selling.

People development as well as business development

Thanks to his turnaround work—where he wears all the coaching and consulting hats, from sales trainer to team-builder, and mediator between people and departments in conflict—Neil has become a speaking and training generalist. He is equally comfortable speaking about the “people” aspects of business (leadership, team-building, interpersonal communication, collaborative problem-solving and conflict resolution), as he is with speaking on marketing and sales.

An organic approach to marketing and sales

As a marketing and sales trainer and speaker, Neil’s approach is distinctly different. While traditional sales training emphasized overcoming objections and persuading prospects to buy, Neil’s approach is much more collaborative, more “organic,” and far less intimidating for everyone involved.

His “Marketing Dangerously” seminars electrify audiences

Neil’s “Marketing Dangerously” seminars are alive with energy, humor and electric insight—as he peppers audiences with ideas they can use to build their businesses rapidly and at minimal cost. He uses a “talk show” roving mike approach to get participants to share their own best ideas—and he has them brainstorm how they will implement new ideas “back in the real world.” This approach delivers huge and memorable entertainment value, while delivering lasting business value as well.

His “Road Rage at Work” seminars can be life-changing

Neil’s “Road Rage at Work” seminars are insightful, practical, mind-opening (and potentially life-changing) events. They give audience members insights and skills they can use immediately to take real control of their reactions when dealing with difficult people and difficult situations, in every aspect of their lives—both at work, and at home (and even while driving!). The program is high-voltage entertainment, laced with down-to-earth learning.

Neil is best described as an entertaining and inspiring “content” speaker, rather than a traditional “motivational” speaker.

Business memberships

Neil (or Neil Godin International Inc.) is a member of the following business organizations:

  • The United States Chamber of Commerce
  • The National Federation of Independent Business
  • The Canadian Federation of Independent Business
  • The Better Business Bureau
  • The Canadian Professional Sales Association
  • The Vancouver Board of Trade
Community participation

Neil is past president, and Ambassador at Large, of the Aspire Society—a registered charitable organization dedicated to identifying and correcting children’s’ learning difficulties. He is also a former secretary of The Society for Advancement of Excellence in Education, an organization committed to improving the results achieved by students in our schools. He is a popular television, radio and newspaper commentator on education and the future of work, and is currently writing a book on these topics.

Training and Certification

Neil holds a Certificate in Conflict Resolution/Negotiation (CCR) from the JIBC Center for Conflict Resolution. He is also a Certified Advanced Trainer in SOI (The Structure of Intellect), a program that assesses and develops learning abilities, with applications in education and industry.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Member 2009

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