Small business marketing and sales training course in a kit. Ideas. Examples. Tips. Strategies. Success Stories on Business Development. Tips on telephone selling. Objection handling. Closing. Stop wasting time prospecting, cold calling and old fashioned selling. Stop wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work.
If you are like most business people you hate prospecting and cold calling. You hate imposing. You hate rejection. You feel sick to your stomach when your calls aren't returned. And you wish there was another way.
The Business Builders Tool Kit is a treasure chest of business building ideas—for business owners; business starters; independent professionals, and marketing and sales people.

Packed with more than 500 business building ideas, examples and success stories, the materials in your kit will show you how to multiply your sales—quickly and easily.

Neil Godin developed the hyper-effective strategies in The Business Builders Tool Kit during 25 years of turnaround work with small and mid-size companies in trouble.

In Neil’s turnaround cases, sales always have to be doubled or tripled—immediately—at absolutely minimal cost. And now you can use these proven strategies to grow your business—no matter what business you are in, or what condition your business is in.

If you want to achieve a real break-through—without the stress of old fashioned selling—or the cost (and the bitter disappointment) of advertising that doesn’t work—The Business Builders Tool Kit was designed for you.

An invitation from Neil Godin

Greetings fellow business builder

A couple of years ago I decided that I would compile all the business building ideas that I’ve used in my work as a business turnaround consultant into a kit that I could share with owners of healthy businesses. Now, almost two long and hard years later, I have finally completed the project—and I’m excited about making the kit available to you.

If you'd like to know how you could ramp up your sales -- quickly, easily, and at minimal cost -- why not put everything else aside for a few minutes and take a look at what this program could do for you

A treasure chest of business building ideas and how-to's

First let me outline everything you will receive with this special offer—and then I will tell you more about the content of the kit and how its creative marketing ideas can help you quickly and easily multiply your sales. “The First 400” will receive:

The Business Builders Tool Kit Album
A smart looking vinyl album containing four CD’s bursting with business building success stories and strategies that you can use—immediately—to grow your sales!
Plus: A fifth CD for MP-3 Players that contains all the strategies and success stories on the four original CD’s—so you can enjoy listening anywhere, at any time!
Plus: Fast-forward Marketing, our printed and bound handbook containing 201 of our best business building ideas. These fast-acting and inexpensive business promotion ideas have literally been a life-saver for companies in trouble. Most of these ideas cost very little to implement, and you can use them to boost your healthy business right now!
Plus! “How To Make Advertising Pay”
This AudioPak (audio download with printable transcript) is an eye opener. When you apply our Seven Secrets of Success in Advertising you will discover a whole new world of possibilities for growing your business.

You will learn how to compose messages so compelling that they will deliver the results you are paying for.
You will learn how to make certain that your ads are seen or heard above the din.
You will learn how to track the effectiveness of every ad. (Yes, you can—and you must—track the profit performance of every ad. Do not let anyone convince you that this can’t be done).
Plus! A download copy of TeleSales Excellence (“It’s for you!”)
We include a download ecopy of my brand new handbook for people who work with customers by telephone. TeleSales Excellence (“It’s for you!”) is a powerful guide filled with “live” examples and tips you can use to multiply your effectiveness on the telephone. If you handle incoming or outgoing sales calls, this guide will help you maximize sales in total comfort—both for you and your customers!
Plus! A download copy of “I Object!”
– 131 Responses to key objections in selling
Even when you use strategies for attracting customers to your business, you still have to deal with their questions and concerns (their “objections”). And you still have to close sales. We help you by including a download ecopy of our brand new handbook titled, “I Object:” 101 responses to the most common objections in selling. The tips in this guide will help you close business effortlessly—by handling even the toughest objections with credibility, comfort and ease.
Plus! Private Access to Neil Godin via Personal Email
Your package includes private access to Neil Godin via personal email. This means that when you need additional information about an idea in your kit—or need a sounding board for an idea of your own—you will have direct access to the help you need, coming right from the source.
Plus! A download copy of my book, “Selling in the (Comfort) Zone
You will also receive a download ecopy of my marketing and sales book, Selling in the (Comfort) Zone: How to grow your business without the rejection and stress of old fashioned selling. (Now available at Amazon and other outlets).
“Neil Godin is one of the world’s leading experts on sales, and his book is the real deal. Anyone in business, either as an owner-operator or professional salesperson, will come away with many innovative and easy-to-implement ideas.”

Darrell Ross, Contributing Author of The Wall Street Journal Number One Best Seller, Masters of Success and The New York Times Best Seller,
Masters of Networking (
A $1000.00 Value. Introductory priced at just $247—If you act now!

Purchased separately, the components of this package are worth more than $1000.  But we’ve set the introductory price of the entire kit, and all your bonuses, at only $247—as an incentive to encourage you to join our program now.

I want you to receive so much value that it will be easy for you to decide to join in—and then become an ambassador who tells others about the program.
Here is our introductory offer to you:
Purchased separately this introductory package is valued at more
than $1000.00. Our Regular Total Package Price: Only $494.00
Your price: Just $247.00
plus shipping and handling.

That’s a Full 50% Discount

Important Note: To receive everything listed above, you must act now. Also please note that our bonus products will change as we test different offers, so act quickly if you want to be sure that you receive the exact line-up of bonus materials in this invitation.
"When you spend decades turning companies around from the brink of failure you have earned the right to be called ‘The Turnaround Guy.’
But Neil’s burning passion, and his wealth of marketing and sales experience, can benefit any business, in any condition. My companies have used Neil’s sales training to jump-start or rescue many campaigns, and we always see sales double or triple immediately afterward. He is a sales and marketing genius.”

Greg Kular, Co-founder, FoneMedAsia
(FoneMedAsia uses communication technology to provide round-the-clock telephone or web-based access to medical advice, information, products and services).
While my client list includes several Fortune 500-level companies (such as Ford, Shell, McDonalds, ReMax, Subway, Primerica, KPMG, Intrawest/Intracorp, Dun & Bradstreet, The Royal Bank/RBC and others) I spend most of my time working with smaller businesses. And I specialize in working with small to mid-size companies in crisis. I started doing this turnaround work 25 years ago during “The Great Recession” of the 1980’s. This was the worst recession since the great depression of the 1930’s, and a lot of businesses were going under.
The success of the first turnaround surprised me
I started doing this work when a major bank asked if I thought I could help one of their clients, a real estate developer in serious trouble. I said I’d try and within three days we developed a strategy and action-plan that brought them an incredibly quick and complete turnaround.

The bank was surprised and impressed—and so was I. I was surprised at how easy it was. All we had to do was replace their paid advertising with hyper-effective guerrilla marketing, and teach them how to sell in a totally different, and totally helpful way—and in three months they were sold out—moving 124 homes right at the very bottom of a very deep recession. Naturally, the bank (and others) kept the referrals flowing, and I’ve been doing turnarounds from time to time ever since.

Surprisingly, most all of these turnarounds have succeeded. In fact, out of 156 cases, I can still count those that didn’t make it on the fingers of one hand (I’m down to the thumb, and I feel badly for the four that didn’t make it). All thanks to the tools in this kit—a set of tested and proven tools that are now available to you.
Why do companies fail?
Doing turnaround work has been the greatest learning experience of my life. Among many other lessons, I’ve learned why companies fail—and exactly how to ensure they succeed. Why do companies fail? It’s not because they are under-financed (the conventional wisdom). It’s because their operators…

  • Aren’t very good at marketing (attracting customers to them).
  • Aren’t very good at closing sales.
  • Tend to waste time and energy on old-fashioned sales prospecting (even cold calling, the most wasteful and destructive activity in the world of business).
  • Tend to waste money on advertising that doesn’t work.
  • Tend to withdraw from advertising and promotion; then take what comes—and then get stuck on a plateau that turns into a downward spiral.
How can you ensure your success?
  • Stop stone age prospecting and selling.
  • Start attracting customers to you.
  • Develop what I call a “Silent Sales Force” (educational information and testimonials, displayed on your premises and/or on your website) that does your initial selling for you.
  • Learn to close business in total comfort (both for you and your prospects).
  • Use guerrilla marketing to generate business at little or no cost.
  • Learn and apply the seven rules for success in advertising—and make every ad dollar pay!
  • Learn the tricks of the business promotion trade.
  • Utilize the awesome (and inexpensive) marketing power of the internet.
  • Conduct business promotion activities continuously.
  • Make business building your hobby that pays.
My turnaround experience can help ensure your success
In turnaround situations, there is very little money for advertising, so we always have to come up with creative new approaches—not just to business promotion, but to selling, serving, merchandising, and ecommerce as well. The idea is to get everyone focused on attracting new customers, while building greater loyalty (and more repeat and referral business) among present customers. And if there is any money for advertising, obviously, we have to make it pay. Now, you can put all this experience to work in taking your business wherever you want it to go. And your complete satisfaction is backed by my personal guarantee.
“I hired Neil to help me wrestle my sales force into a process driven team with more discipline and clarity. Neil took on a one year assignment as our Contract Sales Manager, while at the same time mentoring myself and key staff. There are no boundaries with Neil. He is a do what it takes individual, with enormous positive energy that literally infects the team.”

Marilyn Sanford, CEO, La Scala Home Cinema and Integrated Media – North America’s recognized leader in integrated home entertainment and electronic systems. (
(Note: I’m delighted to report that the company experienced a 70% increase in sales during our year together).
The four CD’s in your tool kit spell out our unique approaches to building business.
Marketing from the Inside out (CD’s #1 and #2), walk you through a strategy that helps you focus on service and customer communication—far more than paid advertising and promotion—in building your business. Developing a Silent Sales Force (CD #3) helps you conceptualize and plan ways to inform and educate prospective customers—and communicate your credibility—before they speak to you. And How to Grow Your Business Organically (CD #4), builds on the inside-out model as it gives you examples of how to build your business easily, naturally (and inexpensively) by working with and through your present customers.
CDs #1 and #2
How to Market
Your Business
“From the inside out”
Relying on paid advertising and business promotion is “outside-in.” Delivering great value—plus service that goes the mile beyond the extra mile—is “inside-out.” The inside-out approach costs far less and can be far more effective—because it turns customers into loyalists who act as your “sales ambassadors”—driving new business to you at zero cost.
CD #3
How to Develop a
Silent Sales Force
“That does your selling for you”
A Silent Sales Force is a combination of displays and messages that tell prospective customers how good (and how trustworthy) you are before they actually communicate with you. Your silent sales force includes self-selling displays of photos, testimonials, demo’s and FAQ’s—on your premises, in your trade fair displays, and/or on your website.

It also includes messages and testimonials in your blog or newsletter; in your email signatures, and on your vehicle(s), your signage, and your business cards and literature. Your silent sales force can answer prospects’ questions and objections; help you qualify them, and even produce immediate sales when you include a call to action. A silent sales force will boost your sales effortlessly—and at very little cost
CD #4
How to Grow Your
Business Organically
Dozens of ways to build sales naturally, organically—working with and through your customers. You can use these creative marketing strategies to avoid the toxic stress of old fashioned prospecting and selling, and to leverage the “fertilizer” of your paid advertising. You will discover that the organic approach is not only easier and less costly, it is also very effective because it produces a continuous crop of loyal new customers who continue to bring in others.
Plus: "Fast-forward Marketing"
A gold mine of great ideas!
Hundreds of our consulting and training clients—including bank branches and bakeries; architects, artists, contractors, builders and software developers—and vocational schools, florists, auto parts dealers; manufacturers and distributors—and accounting and law firms; car dealers; computer service companies; courier services; network marketers; dentists, lawyers, realtors and financial planners—and shopping malls and garden centers and glass store chains—even a second hand clothing store—all have one thing in common: They built traffic and sales—quickly and inexpensively—by using the creative ideas in this guide.

Included in the main tool kit album, your 79-page copy of Fast-forward Marketing is a gold mine of 201 practical, time-tested, real-world strategies for growing your business rapidly—and at minimal cost.
“This confirms what I have always thought. Neil is brilliant! This book and its revolutionary ideas should be in the hands of every entrepreneur who wants to take their company to the next level and beyond.”

Robert A. Arthurs, Co-author of The New York Times Best Seller, Living An Extraordinary Life (
If you are like most of my clients, you’ve had it with traditional selling, and you’re ready to try new approaches. You’re ready to start growing your business with strategies that are much easier, and far more effective. To help you on your way, we’ve loaded the CD’s, booklets (and my book) with strategies that other business people are using—right now—to achieve break-through results without anxiety and stress. Now you can use these ideas and approaches to achieve break-through results in your business.
With your Business Builders Took Kit you will learn how to…
Stop stone age prospecting and cold calling forever! (You will learn why cold calling is the most wasteful and destructive activity in the world of business—and exactly what strategies to use instead).
Get customers coming to you—and asking to buy from you—so you can avoid the discomfort of old-fashioned sales prospecting.
Anticipate and pre-empt key objections that prospects voice by responding to them—in advance—with your “silent sales force” (this strategy can virtually eliminate sales resistance).
Use “introduction marketing” to engage your customers in bringing new business to you (networking and asking for referrals does not go far enough. Even when you are referred, an unsolicited call is still a “cold call” to the prospect. Don’t do it. Instead use our strategy to get actual introductions to friends of your present customers who fit your “ideal customer” profile).
Use the bleeding edge strategies of “micro-marketing” and “surgical selling” to bring in customers who urgently need or want what you offer, and are “ready, willing and able” to buy.
Turn telephone inquiries into appointments and sales—using a step by step formula that will keep both you and your callers deep inside your comfort zones.
Most important of all, you will discover that there is no need to bother people with unsolicited sales calls. You can attract and generate all the business you need while keeping yourself (and your prospective customers) in the comfort zone—using an array of alternatives to old-fashioned prospecting and selling.
“Neil helped us identify customers that were small buyers who didn’t need the sales time we were giving them. We put these customers on drip marketing, and focused our sales efforts on the larger customers that we could sell deeper to. Result: We raised our average sale by 15%.”

John Bernat, CEO, Star Diamond Tools. (
(With distributors across the US and Canada, Star Diamond is recognized as “the innovator” and product quality leader in diamond blades and bits for the construction industry).
In your “How to Make Advertising Pay” AudioPak, you will learn the 7 Secrets to Successful Advertising that your media sales rep does not want you to know. These strategies are well known to professional direct mail marketers and copy writers whose campaigns must pay off immediately. But they are virtually unknown to most business owners—partly because most of the media sales people who sell advertising to them don’t know these strategies—or, if they do know them, aren’t anxious to share this knowledge.

Did you know...

  • That you can track the effectiveness of every ad you place, anywhere, any time?
  • That you can tell, immediately, if an ad is working or not?
  • That if an ad is working, you can tell exactly how much profit it is generating?
“Neil, you have blown me away! I came to you knowing your reputation, and having high expectations, and you exceeded them by far. I am an expert in my field but knew very little about marketing and promoting my business. You brought so many ideas…I didn’t realize I could do so much with such a small budget. By implementing your suggestions I quickly doubled my business, and now have more work than I can manage alone. And there can be no better news for this business owner than knowing there is too much work for one person to handle. Neil, you rock!!!”

Danielle Turner, Videographer, Velvet Pumpkin Productions (
Video Media Specialist & Filmmaker. (“Imagine what you can say”).
Advertising is a complex blend of both art and science. But the essence of the science part of advertising is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Know the rules that force every advertising dollar to pay (spelled out in your AudioPak).
  2. Do not run any ad (or mail or email any piece) that does not follow these rules—no matter what your graphic designer or advertising sales rep tells you.
  3. If an ad does not pay immediately, stop running it immediately, if possible.
In my turnaround work we rarely have money to spend on paid advertising—but when we do every single ad dollar has to produce. This tough, edgy, real-world experience led to the hard-hitting strategies included in “How to Make Advertising Pay.” If you advertise (or would like to, if you were sure it would pay off) the print-out that comes with this incredibly valuable AudioPak will be your trusted companion.

My clients who own healthy and growing companies—people just like you—are using these rules to multiply their sales right now—and you can do the same.
“After leaving government, I entered private practice with tons of experience and skills, but a less than clear vision of how to build my business. Neil’s skill in listening, encouraging and reframing helped me understand where my passions lay and how that could be packaged into a clear and compelling marketing message to potential clients. In my view everyone in business needs advisors, and for my money Neil’s skill is invaluable.”

Jay Bancroft, MAIBC LEED/AP, Architect and Planner,
Gameplan Consulting ( Video Media Specialist & Filmmaker. (“Imagine what you can say”).
When you re-structure your business—so that everything you do is designed to keep present customers loyal, while attracting new customers to you—you feel a new and powerful sense of control over your own success. This is what we mean by “marketing from the inside out.” As you study and listen to the components of your tool kit, you will learn…
How to use marketing from the inside out to grow your business naturally and organically.
How to differentiate and “brand” yourself and your business—in order to create buzz, and attract business without sales prospecting.
How to make certain your product/service/value is rock solid—so you can communicate an “unshakeable belief” in what you offer.
How to develop your 5-second and 30-second commercials, so you (and anyone you work with) can tell people exactly what you do—and exactly what makes you different and better—without having to think about it.
How to turn your website into a marketing and sales machine—producing income 24 hours a day, perhaps not just selling the products and services you offer now, but also the downloadable “information products” you could offer as well (we give you “live” examples of how others are doing this now).
How to start a Lost Customer “Search and Rescue” program—so you can get those good customers back!!!
How to use “Word Of Mouse” marketing (word-of-mouth via computer) to spread the word about your business—and build a huge data base of targeted and qualified new prospects—all at zero cost.
How to use “After-sale Marketing” to make the closing of a sale the opening of another lifetime relationship—so you can earn the full lifetime value of every customer’s repeat and referral business.
“Neil is my clarity beacon. As an entrepreneur, I find his guidance, wisdom, tenacity and professionalism invaluable. He acts as my coach and mentor as well as our facilitator and I give him huge credit for helping our business get turned-around over the past year. Thank you, Turn-Around Guy – you live up to your name.”

Dann Ilicic, CPO, WOW Branding (
(WOW Branding loves to work with maverick CEOs who are sick and tired of not being excited by their brand.)
How to activate your “Hidden Sales Force.” If you have service or tech support staff (help desk, or drivers, installers, repair people and so on), you can boost your business quickly, easily and naturally, by asking them to systematically look for; ask about, and act on sales opportunities—in a way that is totally helpful and comfortable. (Depending on your type of business, this strategy alone has the power to multiply your sales).
Sixteen ways to increase your sales to present customers—giving you an immediate boost in business, at no cost at all.
How to harness the power of “Systematic Add-on and Cross-selling” so you can increase your sales instantly, easily, and continuously—without spending a dime!
How to “six-sense” your business (if you have a physical place of business) to be sure that you appeal to the five human senses. If you do then your visitors’ “sixth sense” will tell them that your place is “the right place” for them to be.
“As our team grew from 9 to 30 people in the past year, we needed some serious guidance and coaching to bring all of our disciplines on to the same page. Neil brought us there through his “Building A Team Of Leaders” program—which dramatically changed the way we approach business (and each other), and has helped us create a Powerhouse Marketing Communications Company.”

Mike Betcher, CEO B3Communications Inc. (
(B3 is a branding, marketing and design firm specializing in resort and luxury real estate across the United States and Canada, and around the world).
Most entrepreneurs grow their businesses haphazardly. They run a direct mail or email campaign now and then. They hold a sale. Offer point of purchase specials—on their premises or on their website. And they advertise in the media—occasionally or even regularly—hoping their ads will produce results (this time).

While there are many ways to make sure your advertising works, it is still costly (not only do you have to pay for the advertising, you also have to make a very compelling offer if you want your ads to really pay). So why not use “attraction marketing” to get customers coming to you, without relying heavily on paid advertising?

Throughout your tool kit you will find dozens of real-world ideas and examples of how other business owners are using attraction marketing to build their businesses right now.

You will learn...
How attracting customers is much easier (and far more effective) than selling.
Eight ways to switch from prospecting to attraction marketing.
How to position yourself as “the expert” in your market.
How to publish “how-to guides” that brand you as “the expert,” and attract new customers to you.
How to generate publicity for your business that attracts attention—and customers!
How to host special events that enhance your profile as the expert, while they reinforce loyalty among present customers and attract new customers at the same time.
How to use public speaking to achieve the same goals—along with a page full of quick tips on how to speak effectively (see page 66 of your ebook, “Selling in the (Comfort) Zone”).
How to write a newspaper column, newsletter or blog.
How to hold focus group workshops with present customers and with guests who are ideal prospective customers.
“I have trusted Neil’s marketing advice for more than 20 years. As I
built my own practice into a successful and satisfying business, I also
referred other business owners who gained from Neil’s expertise—and
now I am recommending the Business Builders Tool Kit. It is a truly awesome resource.”

Sandi Gray, RN, RMT (Registered Massage Therapist)
(Sandi Gray specializes in working with competitive athletes who need to rebound rapidly from sports injuries)
I believe that the key to success in business is developing loyal repeat and referral customers. Loyal customers spend more with you, and buy from you more frequently—and they tell their friends they would be crazy to buy from anyone but you.

Every bit of print and audio in your Business Builders Tool Kit is developed around this theme. If you decide to grow your business organically—meaning that you grow with and through your customers—you will cut yourself from the crowd and increase your chances of success dramatically. Why? Because so few business owners understand the total lifetime value of a delighted customer.

Here is what you will learn about organic marketing…
How to calculate the lifetime value of your best customers—so you and anyone you work with knows exactly how vital it is to keep them delighted—and ensure you receive the full lifetime benefit of their repeat and referral business!!!
Six strategies for growing your sales organically (naturally), working with and through your customers.
How to generate leads and (even more important) introductions from your business network.
How to use word of mouse and viral marketing to spread your news organically, via email and the internet.
How to deliver customer service that gets people buzzing about your business.
How to use “customer satisfaction check-up calls” plus “by the way selling” (mentioning something on special or of special interest), to effortlessly and dramatically increase repeat and referral business.
How to treat customer complaints as “Golden Opportunities” to earn and enhance loyalty by “proving” that you really do care, and are able to recover brilliantly. (If you think of solving an angry customer’s problem as a marketing investment rather than a business loss—you can turn that customer into your #1 promoter).
How and why to offer guarantees and return policies that are so generous your competitors will think you are giving away the store (and, of course, will not copy you).
How to start a lost customer search and rescue operation that alerts you when a customer stops buying—so you can bring them back into the fold.
How to develop a customer contact or “touch” program that drives repeat and referral business.
How to develop a “Sales Cycle Contact System” to keep customers coming back.
How to compose effective messages when contacting customers, to make certain they always want to hear from you—including:

  • Keys to Success in Telephone Messaging
  • Keys to Success in Email Messaging
How to drive repeat business (and frequency of visits), systematically.
How to drive referral business systematically.
How to use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to bond with customers, and keep them coming back.
How to use annual reviews to build sales, loyalty and referrals.
How to act as a business coach to your clients, so your customers start asking for your help, instead of resisting your sales calls.
How to track repeat and referral business, so you know exactly how well you are doing in terms of customer loyalty.
“For many years, I conducted a training program for business owners sponsored by the Federal Business Development Bank (now BDC). I always used Neil as my kick-off speaker because of his hard-hitting strategies for marketing small to mid-size companies. Now I find his sales coaching invaluable—particularly his system for generating totally qualified and “warmed up” leads through personal introductions from present clients. This is a great way to double your sales—without old fashioned selling.”

Carl deJong, MBA, Primerica Financial Services (
(Primerica is in the business of changing lives. Their mission is to help families become debt free and financially independent.)
Even when you switch from prospecting to attraction marketing, you still have to deal with your prospects’ concerns and questions (their objections)—and you still have to close the sale. Now you’ve got help.

With your Business Builders Tool Kit, you will learn…
How to make closing natural and almost automatic by pre-qualifying and re-qualifying every prospect.
How re-qualifying can raise your closing ratio dramatically—and shorten your sales cycle—because you are making certain that you are working with the right person (or people), and that they are ready, willing and able to buy now.
Seven strategies for composing telephone and email follow-up messages that “get returned.”
Objection handling from A to Z (this comprehensive step by step guide will help you prepare for, and handle, almost every kind of objection with confidence and ease).
How to prepare for waffling and stalling—and use techniques that move the sale forward, now.
How to ensure that you are never left hanging by a prospect who says, “I’ll have to think about it.” (Note: You must know this strategy if you want to prevent losing sales at the last moment.)
How to watch for and act on “buying signals” that indicate that the customer is ready to move ahead with the purchase.
How to close sales at the earliest possible opportunity—so prospects who are ready, willing and able to buy don’t slip into the hands of your competitors.
“The greatest closing strategy in the world of selling,” and how it enables you to close your sales systematically and in total comfort—both for you and your prospect.
How to systematically identify and eliminate “obstacles to buying” and make your sales even easier to close.
How to “lock down” your sales once they are closed, and avoid the heartache of sales that collapse later.
How to build credibility and trust—rapidly—when you first speak to a new prospective customer.
“Thank you so much for your (training program for Community Marketing Representatives). Comments like…exciting …effective and helpful…positive and practical…dynamite…were just a few.”

Cathy Crockett, former Community Marketing Manager, McDonalds Restaurants
Many business owners (and sales people) waste hours (days?) each week researching and writing quotes and proposals that do not produce sales. There are many reasons for this. In some cases, prospects have already decided who will get the contract or sale—but need to go through the formality of getting a certain number of competitive quotes.

In other cases, suppliers quote, bid or propose “blind.” They receive a request for a quote—or the specifications for a proposal or bid—and mechanically produce a quote, without an in-depth discussion or meeting with the client. Result: They don’t know what special needs or issues have to be addressed that are not mentioned in the RFP (request for proposal) or in the request for a quote. Very often information that is not included is vital to the client, and vital to your success. If you want to stop submitting losing quotes and bids, and start producing winners, you must find ways to qualify and collaborate with your prospective clients.

In your tool kit you will learn…
How you must position yourself as “the expert,” and build a reputation so strong that companies consult you before putting work out to tender—or specify exclusive elements that only you can deliver.
How to qualify requests for quotes in order to make certain that a sale is likely—and how to avoid wasting time on quotes that are not going to produce a sale.
Why and how to “dare to be different.” (Don’t buy the conventional wisdom that all tendering is done at arm’s length. Get on the inside by asking for a meeting when you receive a Request For Proposal (RFP) to ensure you understand the company’s exact needs—and to make sure that you really have a good chance at winning the contract. Why just respond like everyone else? Why not get out of the crowd? Why not reduce the time-wasting, the uncertainty, and the disappointment of writing quotes, bids and proposals that don’t produce sales?).
How to use the “collaborative selling” approach to make sure your prospect is working “with you,” not “against you” (or “for” a competitor).
“The Business Builders Tool Kit is the ultimate marketing and sales tool. It combines the very best of Neil’s personal seminars, his books and his training sessions. After nearly 20 years of following Neil’s advice—and getting dynamite results—this material is as timely and valuable today as ever.”

Vince Taylor, CEO, Pilot House Realty
(Global marketers of destination real estate properties.
By investing in the Business Builders Tool Kit—and automatically joining “Marketing Dangerously” and our Business Builders Forum—you are changing your approach to business. Rather than hoping things work out, you are taking greater control of your own fate and fortune—and you will be encouraged to take concrete steps to ensure your own success.

Do you remember why you went into business for yourself?

Was it to turn a favorite activity into an income-producing business? Was it to escape the 9 to 5 drudgery of a “job?” Were you tired of working for bad bosses? Or did you want to take control of your own life—working when you want to; getting lots of time for family, friends and personal activities—and vacationing when and where you want to?

Whatever spurred the spirit of independence in you, if you are like most entrepreneurs, things haven’t gone exactly as planned.

Isn't it time for a real change?

I believe that being in business for yourself can deliver all the satisfaction—and the income security—that you need and want, if you are prepared to change your approach to business development.

Most business people tend to take a passive approach to growing their business. But when you join our program you will be encouraged to shift to an energized and “dynamic” approach. We want you to think, continuously, about creative ways to build your business. And we urge you to put your ideas and plans into action systematically—so that you consistently get the results you want and need.

Your business can be “your hobby that pays”

I encourage you to think of business building as your “hobby that pays.” Promoting your business—organically through customer loyalty and referral incentive programs—through “word of mouse” viral marketing—through guerrilla marketing—through free publicity—through pay-per-click, search engine optimization and social networking on the internet—and effective advertising—can be as much fun as any other hobby or recreational activity—with one huge difference: In the world of business, there is a financial reward that goes along with all that satisfaction and enjoyment.

I invite you to join me in the Business Builders Tool Kit program. And I guarantee that you will be happy that you did.
How to approach your business the way hobbyists, winning amateur sports teams, and service clubs approach their activities.
How to “import” the same passion, dedication, commitment and teamwork into your business.
How and why to track and “score” your business building efforts—so you keep yourself “up” and motivated to “keep it going.”
"It has been so exciting to see the wake of thoughts and enthusiasm left by…
your marketing seminars. Veterinarians and staff members are commenting on
how… new ideas are being implemented. It was a pleasure working with you. All my expectations were met."

Debbie Barton, DVM,
Idaho Veterinary Medical Association
I want you to receive the full benefit of our program—without feeling that you are taking a risk. So I am happy to extend my personal and unconditional guarantee as follows…
“If, for any reason, and at any time, you decide that you are not satisfied with The Business Builders Tool Kit program, you may return the tool kit album, CD’s and Fast-forward Marketing booklet, for a complete refund, including the cost of returning the materials. And you may keep all of the electronic download materials free of charge—with my sincere ‘thank you’ for trying the program. This is an unconditional guarantee with no time limit.”
Because I recognize that even with an iron-clad guarantee, we all feel like we’re taking a risk when we’re thinking of investing in something we can’t see, feel or touch, I want to go one step further. I invite you to call me at 1.800.563.4332 (toll free in the United States and Canada), so we can talk “live” about any questions or concerns you may have. Or, of course, I welcome you to email me with your questions as well.

If you are ready to join us, why not place your order now?

Thanks very much for your attention.
Neil Godin
President, Neil Godin International Inc.
PS – Remember, if you want to receive the exact line-up of bonus products shown in this letter, be sure to order now as our “package” will change as we test different offers.

PPS – I want you to know that this tool kit is the product of a lot of hard work. It took me 21 months to write “Selling in the (Comfort) Zone,” and then another 18 months to write and produce all the CD’s, guides and AudioPaks that you will receive. I’ve got my blood, sweat and tears in this project, and I’ve done all I can to make sure you receive value that far exceeds your investment.

I sincerely hope you join me in this exciting effort to take your business where you want and need it to go.
“I have never spent money on an intangible such as your service, and achieved such dramatic results.”

Matt Campbell, Campbell West, Road Builders
You don’t have to make a final decision now. Just order the kit, then listen to the CD’s and audio downloads, and read the printed materials—and then decide if the kit is right for you. And if it’s not, simply return the album for a 100% refund of your purchase price—plus the cost of shipping the album back to us. This means you can base your decision on the actual product, not just this letter—and eliminate any risk. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so why not order now.
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The Business Builders Tool Kit
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