Comments from participants in Neil’s workshops…

"It has been so exciting to see the wake of thoughts and enthusiasm left by you and your marketing seminars. Veterinarians and staff members are commenting on how they are enjoying their work more now, and how new ideas are being implemented. It was a pleasure working with you. All my expectations were met."
Debbie Barton, DVM,
Idaho Veterinary Medical Association

“Thank you so much for your (training program for community marketing representatives). Comments like…exciting …effective and helpful…positive and practical…dynamite…were just a few.”
Cathy Crockett, former Community Marketing Manager,
McDonalds Restaurants

"I have never spent money on an intangible such as your service and received such dramatic results"
Matt Campbell, President,
Campbell West Ltd., Road Building Contractors and Heavy Construction

"You are always a light of encouragement and a call to action when you come to talk to our people. Thank you for a first class job."
Eric Teggleberg,
Former Western Retail Manager, Shell Products

“For many years, I conducted a training program for business owners sponsored by the Federal Business Development Bank (now BDC). I always used Neil as my kick-off speaker because of his hard-hitting strategies for marketing small to mid-size companies.”
Carl deJong, MBA, Primerica Financial Services

"Your name is now a household word in our branches."
E.E. Hierlihy, Assistant General Manager,
Bank of Nova Scotia, NB

“Dynamic. Great energy. Knowledgeable, informative, clear.”
Jennifer Graveness, Fairmont Waterfront Hotel

"Feedback from store managers and course participants was entirely enthusiastic. Their remarks and words of appreciation made it obvious that everyone benefited enormously from your intelligence and insights. Your energy, creativity, and ability to communicate effectively—especially with such a diverse audience—made your efforts all the more impressive and praiseworthy. My personal thanks are double-barreled. You not only made it possible for me to introduce a program that is of real benefit to the public—but you have made the task of organizing and implementing this program pure pleasure. It has been wonderful working with you."
Suzy Okun, University of Toronto,
Coordinator, Chapters Book Stores 'Active Minds' national speaker series

"The hand-out materials alone were worth the price of admission."
Jitesh Rana, Signs Now

"I'd like to do it again."
John Dick, Coast Steel

"I've attended over 100 seminars…never before seen such complete audience attention and satisfaction."
James Doty, Economic Development Officer,
Kenora, ON

"Thanks for the incredibly vibrant seminar…a very inspiring morning!"
Sharon Howell, President,
Intra Travel (Carlson Wagonlit)

"Dynamic, interactive…made sense."
John Ratard, NATO International

"Practical solutions to real problems."
Graham Hill, Escom Software

"Excellent...thought provoking.”
Wendy Grandan, Architectural Institute

“Interactive. Funny. Highly experienced. Honest.”
Carmelle Fedosa

“Very effective speaker...really liked Neil’s delivery.”
Karen Erickson, Global TV

"Dynamic and fun. Very insightful..."
Karin Gardner, The David Oppenheimer Group, Seattle

"Excellent balance of theory, story telling and participation."
Stephan Wiedner, Ritter Construction Management Ltd.

"Enlightened, entertaining, in-depth."
Frank Catala, Growthexperts

“Dynamic, captivating, inspiring. Great seminar!”
Rhonda Schwenk, Please Mum

“Exceeded expectations. Loved it.”
Poul Pedersen, Friesen Electric

"Really, really great!"
Jill Gildersleve, Westminster Community Development Society

Heather Scott, Douglas College Foundation

"Very organized. Excellent speaking skills. Captured attention of the group (captivating!)."
Karen Hynes, Water and Waste Association

"Fast paced, short and sweet - and effective!"
Len Macht, TGIF

"Fast paced, interesting, good information. Neil, you're great; very engaging and funny too!"
Lynn Dombroski, I.A.M. Cares

"Great speaker, very engaging, very real"
Kim Hurley, 360networks inc.

"Energized. Interesting and entertaining. Heaps of very relevant information and ideas..."
Jennifer Holland, TSR Sunburst Construction

"Neil is engaging and informative. His enthusiasm is evident and reinforces the content..."
Doug Hawes, YMCA New Ventures Network

“Very well presented. Neil was very warm and his ideas were very helpful.”
Kelly Shee, Albee’s Sewing Center

"Terrific. Energetic. Shared great information and real life situations."
Virginia Towers, Pitman Business College

"Very effective communication. Extremely useful information, knowledge, stories."
Jonathon Ho, Burns Bog Conservation Society

"Great energy."
Dori Kufflik, R Group Communications Inc.

One word: "Great."
Pete Ross, The Boeing Company, Seattle

“Knowledge is power…knowing how to relay this is a gift…I’ve learned so much today…”
George Intile, ABC Pipe Cleaning Services Ltd.

“Exciting. Great job.”
Paolo DiGiovanni, Ocean Construction Supplies Ltd.

“Dynamic. Kept me Interested. I love being taught through stories.”
Ryan Bentham, Culligan Water

“Energetic and entertaining. Good content…lots of practical examples.”
Geoff Killam, Search Intelligence

“Very vibrant, creative…obviously expert in this field.”
Eva Roberts, Vancouver Board of Trade

“Informative, knowledgeable, funny…industry related story examples.”
Chris Andrewsky, R. Diamond Group

“Dynamic. Interesting. Practical.”
Stephen Flynn, Open Learning Agency

"Packed houses in 54 communities...hard hitting...solid business building tips and techniques."
Canadian Business Magazine

"Recommend to any business or professional person...just the shot in the arm that business needs."
Vancouver Sun