Selling in the (Comfort) Zone

Your all-in-one guide to Neil's 'organic' approach to marketing and sales.

Ten natural, no-pressure ways to increase your sales — right now — at very little cost. Learn how to use 'attraction marketing' to get customers coming to you. And how to use 'introduction selling' to grow your business naturally — without the toxic stress of old fashioned cold call prospecting — and without wasting money on the 'fertilizer' of paid advertising that doesn't work.

279 action-packed pages — full of business building ideas, examples, how-to's and success stories. All designed to help you multiply your sales — without leaving your comfort zone.

  Hard Copy – $30 USD + S&H
  Every word in the original book, included in 171 full size 8.5 x 11 inch pages. No shipping. No handling. And no waiting. Order now for an immediate download.
  eBook – $18 USD
Full Length Seminar Video

How to Ramp up your Business in any Economy

27 brief video segments of one of Neil's most popular seminars. Learn how to use fast-acting, low-cost, creative (sometimes edgy), guerilla marketing tactics to thrive – not just survive – as the economy continues to slump. Just one of these ideas can cover your purchase of our materials many times over!

  $149 USD + S&H
Special Price!
The Business Builder's Tool Kit

A comprehensive guide to protecting and growing your business—in any economy!

Practical ideas tested and proven in the real world.5 CD Kit includes Neil's "Fast-forward Marketing" guide—plus three valuable bonus products if you order now.

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  $247 USD + S&H

How To Start Your Economic Recovery — Right Now!

Ten fast-acting, no-cost and low-cost ways to boost your sales – in any economy.

Learn how you can use Neil's 'turnaround' strategies to grow your sales – now – while others wait for the phone to ring! This powerful new marketing and sales eBook compresses twenty seven years of front-line sales and marketing experience into 17 action-packed pages. Dozens of ideas, how-to's and "live" business development examples. If you need to ramp up your sales — quickly, and at minimal cost — this eBook was written for you! (As always, no filler and no fluff — guaranteed!)

  eBook – $39 USD

TeleSales Excellence ("It's for you!")

Neil's powerful handbook for people who work with customers by telephone.

TeleSales Excellence is a powerful guide filled with "live" examples and tips you can use to multiply your effectiveness on the telephone. If you handle incoming or outgoing sales calls, this guide will help you maximize sales in total comfort — both for you and your customers. Learn how to handle both incoming and outgoing sales calls in total comfort!

  eBook – $39 USD

"I Object!"

131 Responses to key objections in selling

Even when you use strategies for attracting customers to your business, you still have to deal with their questions and concerns (their "objections"). And you still have to close sales. The tips in this guide will help you close business effortlessly—by handling even the toughest objections with credibility, comfort and ease.

  eBook – $39 USD

Each VideoPak DVD is accompanied by an audio CD that you can play in your car, or on your MP3 player. VideoPaks are shipped worldwide using US Postal Services.

Keeping Score!

Why and how to keep score of your daily sales progress.

Learn how tracking your sales — and displaying the results visually — will motivate you to keep up your daily marketing and sales activities — and will help you to drive sales continuously higher.


$49 USD + S&H


Who are you? And why should I care?

Summarize your positioning in a few words.

Can you say, in just a few words, exactly what makes you different from your competitors — and exactly why prospects should buy from you, and no one else? Nail this, and sales will come to you!


$49 USD + S&H


Salesman? Or Trusted Advisor?

It's your choice!

Say it with me: "If I call you I'm a salesman. If you call me, I'm an expert." Why and how you must position yourself as "the" expert in your market and industry, so customers come to you!

  $49 USD + S&H

Amazed Customers

The Ultimate Competitive Advantage!

Amazed customers are loyal. They return again and again, and they act as your 'sales ambassadors.' Amazing service can also 'de-commoditize' your product and allow you to charge premium prices.

  $49 USD + S&H

Each AudioPak comes with a downloadable 'Virtual CD' and a text transcript for easy reference.

How to make your advertising pay!

Our Seven Secrets of Success in Advertising will open up a whole new world of possibilities — by showing you how to make certain every dollar you spend on advertising turns a profit.

  Download - $39 USD

Each audio download deals with one topic in a 40-minute to one hour interview — hosted by marketing expert, Shane Morgan, and featuring Neil Godin.

Daily Sales Networking

Do this and you will succeed

Very few business people make sales calls (and sales networking calls) every single business day. If you use this approach, then we're sorry, but there is just no way that you can avoid success.

  Download - $39 USD

No Meeting, No Quote!

How to stop wasting time on quotes that go nowhere!

Tired of spending hours quoting — then not getting your calls returned (while knowing that your quote is being used to get a better price from competitors?) Learn how to 'sell' instead of 'quote!'

  Download - $39 USD

The Biggest Source of New Business is

…Old Business!

Learn how to leverage relationships with present and past customers. Key point: It's 'referral' business we're after — not just loyal 'repeat' business. This concept is a fast-track to success.

  Download - $39 USD

How to Start and Run a Lead Machine

How to work with other vendors who sell to the same customers. How to introduce each other to clients — and save each others' customers from the time and risk of "shopping around."

  Download - $39 USD

Three Ways to Drum up Business in a Down Economy

Do something — each and every day — to grow your sales, improve your service, and promote your business — and you will take market share from those who are 'giving it away' by doing nothing!

  Download - $39 USD

It's Who You Know

An Introduction to Introduction Marketing

Stop making cold calls. And start making 'warm calls' to prospects who have been introduced to you by present customers, or others in your business and personal networks, who want to do business with you!

  Download - $39 USD

By Invitation Only

How to Attract Business by Holding Special Events.

More on this vitally important topic. Same basic content as in the video listed above, but if this topic is important to you, you will want to hear this interview as well.

  Download - $39 USD